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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 8007




Every month we create new delicious specials – never served before and never to be served again. Below is a taste of what we have offered in the past but keep in mind it is always changing!

Signature Bruschetta

with walnut turmeric hummus, roasted brussels sprouts, grilled cherry tomatoes, fresh avocado, an organic poached egg & sesame. (vegetarian)


with chipotle mayo, spicy roasted pumpkin, roasted capsicums, mix leaves & smashed avocado.

Fantasy Salad

with fresh leaves, organic pearl barley, roasted parsnip roasted fennel, walnuts & dried cranberries. (vegetarian)


Over the years of experimenting with flavours and spices, some specials were too good to take off the menu. Essential and delicious, we’ve combined the best of the best with your classic Australian dishes to bring you our All Day Breakfast menu, available every week. *VG = Vegan


Chilli capsicum sauce, roasted tomatoes, fresh avocado, organic poached egg, mashed Greek feta. Add free-range bacon.


Organic free-range poached eggs with fresh leaves & truffle oil on soy linseed sourdough toast

Acai Bowl (vg)

Blended with banana, mango & strawberries, topped with seasonal fruits, homemade granola & pistachios. Add homemade peanut butter.

Morning Start (vg)

Homemade turmeric hummus, fresh kale, braised mushrooms, grounded almonds, fresh avocado & pumpkin oil on wholewheat miché toast. Add egg or smoked chicken.


Beetroot hummus, roasted pumpkin, roasted tomatoes, fresh avocado, walnuts & homemade vegan soft cheese on toasted sourdough.

The Sunrise

Carrots & mustard purée, prosciutto, fresh rocket, an organic poached egg & dukkah on miche toast.


Delicious vegan, vegetarian, hickory smoked wood chicken or prosciutto options

Harvest Bowl (vg)

Organic quinoa, sumac roasted chickpeas, fresh avocado, cherry tomatoes & kale.


Country Valley Yoghurt, fresh banana, homemade berry jam, pistachios, sliced almonds poached apples & fresh seasonal fruits



Specialty coffee, rich in flavour with floral & fruit notes


Choose from 8 different varieties like French Earl Grey or Lemongrass & Ginger

Juices, Smoothies + More

with tweaks on the modern staples and thick delicious smoothies that quench your thirst while giving you a health kick.


Daily Muffin

Baked fresh in-house every day with mixtures of fruits, nuts and even Nutella sometimes!

Homemade Breads

Banana Bread with shaved coconut or try our Apple & Cinnamon loaf which is somehow vegan

Friands + Croissants + More

incl. chili chocolate brownies, super food nutbars & friands (all vegan)

About Our Food

Here at Something for Jess, everything we do has to be ethical, local, and creative. It’s our ethos which underpins the menu & service. From the farm, to the kitchen and the plate; we believe in the change that is happening in the world and that is why 60+% of our menu is vegan.

All fruit & veg is sourced from the Sydney Farmers Markets – which makes it easy to get creative with whatever’s in season. Our bread is delivered fresh from Sydney legends Sonoma and all meats are halal & ethically sourced through Angelo Meats. Lake Macquarie Free Range Eggs give us their amazing quality ensuring no more than 72 hours between the time they’re laid and when they reach us. We use Sydney based ‘A2 Milk’ as it tastes the best with our coffee and contains the beta-casein protein ‘A2’ which drastically improves human digestion.

Finally, all sweets are made in-house. With a huge range of gluten free & vegan options from our apple & cinnamon bread to the mouth-water chilli chocolate brownies & friands.

About Our Specialty Coffee

Our main bean comes from a small town in the South-West of Ethiopia. In the Gedeo region is a municipal called Aricha. Named after its place of birth our bean is a single-origin rich in flavour with floral & fruit notes.

Aricha however is not your usual bean as it blurs the definition of a single-origin due to the way Ethiopian coffees are sourced. In Ethiopia, beans are not harvested by big businesses but small local farmers in a very natural way. Aricha is often growing wild in the farmer’s backyard before being sold in batches as small as 1 kg. Just as we support local Sydney farmers we love how our bean comes from an organic heirloom beginning.

It’s here in the mix of these small farmers harvests that the complexity, uniqueness and intense floral characteristics in our coffee comes from. Whether it’s an espresso or mixed with the silky texture of our perfectly steamed milk it becomes a delicious coffee only found in Sydney at Something for Jess.